I am Miss Simone.   I am a sadist, sensualist and a strict disciplinarian. To see one go from ecstasy to torment and then to complete submission is what I thrive on. My scenes are intense psychological as well and physical adventures. I love creating atmosphere and elaborate experiences that fall into the realm of art as much as kink. My motivation is pleasure for myself and it is also professional. I am very discreet and understand the need for confidentiality. I offer a non-judgmental atmosphere where one is permitted to explore their deepest fantasies.. Start slow if you are uncertain, and I can coax out your desires in a safe and positive space. Or perhaps you are desirous of more severe punishment, then I will show no mercy and revel in your suffering.  I am available for all genders, sexual orientations, races, religious backgrounds and ethnicities. We are all on this journey together...

This is an important question a client needs to ask… wether you are new to BDSM or new to visiting me. What do you want from the experience during our session time together?  To merely explore out of curiosity… to push physical or psychological boundaries in a safe environment… to experience the release of endorphins from intense impact scene… to role play a secret fantasy… to finally fully submit and serve… to glory in humiliation and degradation… But also to think about areas that are of no interest or off limits.  Even if you are not certain of the specifics yet, it is important that I know you have thought about this.  I believe firmly in full consent, and will always respect your boundaries and limits. 
I am strict, demanding, and each session will always be directed by me. But I listen and feed off your energy. Each session will be unique and utterly fulfilling . I prefer longer term situations where one can grow and prosper under my thumb.  

- corporeal punishment and impact play : flogging, caning, paddling, spanking, kicking and  slapping
- humiliation, degradation, objectification : verbal, human furniture, neglect, confinement, 
- feminization/masculinization : wigs, makeup, outfits, and proper demeanor
- cock and ball torture and cock and ball bondage, ball busting, castration fantasy
-genital torture for all genders
-gender transformations through medical play
- bondage: rope, cuffs, shackles, leather restraints, mummification, 
- pet play : puppy play, doggie obedience, leash and collar, fetch, punishment
- sensation play : wax, tease and denial, tickling, cold / hot, scratching
​-cigar sessions including service and ashtray fetish
- role play : teacher / student, captor / prisoner, reverse 1950's household, boss and underling
- fetishes : foot worship, shoe worship, trampling, stomping, foot torment, pedicure service, foot massage service

All sessions can be tailored to your intensity level.. from sensual to extreme… though I will admit my little sadist heart loves
extreme scenes that include mindfuck, corporeal punishments and medical play. So do not hesitate to ask if you are an experienced bottom.

Also available are public scenes and public humiliation, evening long sessions and submission service to
kink events and play parties. 

For in person sessions: go to the Contact page on how set up an appointment 

My practice is open to and will always include the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientations. While the majority of my clients are cis-men, I want to assure all who are curious and respectful  you are fully welcome. It is my impression that many believe that a Pro Domme we will not be interested in women, trans, non-binary, gay, lesbian etc... that this work panders only to hetro cis- men. There is nothing further from the truth. Hiring a Pro Domme can open up so many options to self agency and safe space to explore your interests, and  great introduction and education to BDSM practices. I identify as pansexual and love exploring the different energies all people have to offer.  

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